Happiness is…

Happiness is making a three year old laugh until they get hiccups.


On the US Supreme Court marriage equality decision

Encouraged by SCOTUS decision. Violent change happens quickly and doesn’t last. Peaceful change happens slowly and endures. #LoveWins

geometry and light

by Bartholomew L Miller CC BY NC SA


I like the aesthetic sense of whoever decorated this gyro cafe restroom in San Luis Obispo. A photo from our trip to California last summer.

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Listen to birds

by Bartholomew L Miller CC BY NC SA

Through the din
of Tokyo traffic
Hear birds
from an anonymous tree

Faces of passers by
not hearing

Through the maelstrom
of my own thoughts
Listen to birds

Chichibu shrine

by Bartholomew L Miller CC BY NC SA


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Introducing myself | CLMOOC 2015 Summer Unschool

Having stowed away on the first Making Learning Connected voyage in 2013 but remaining ashore last summer, I’m excited to set sail again this year onto the open seas of connected maker learning.

This year, CLMOOC will be a part of a personal/professional project: Summer school for my three year old son!…

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iPhone Health app

After a fulfilling life of four years, I finally retired my trusty iPhone 4S and now am the happy owner of an iPhone 6.

One early discovery on the new phone was the Health app, which can collect an astounding variety of data from the smartphone’s built in sensors and other apps and devices. The data is stored and presented in neat graphs on a dashboard which the user can customize.

Screenshot of my Health app dashboard
I have been logging data into the Sleep Analysis and Weight functions for a week now, and just started adding Heart Rate data yesterday.

There are two apps that I’m using to encourage myself to eat better and exercise. I add information about everything I eat into MyFitnessPal and completing workouts with Fitnet. Both apps sync with Health to provide a detailed report on my dashboard.

Thus far, I have enjoyed watching the app collect and organize these data and I feel like I am getting a great return on a reasonable investment of time and labor. Fitnet, in particular, requires no additional data input. I just follow the videos to complete the workouts and the apps do the rest!

The greatest benefit has been increased mindfulness of my health related choices. Knowing that I’ll need to record a junk food snack or extra serving at dinner is a good deterrent. And getting ‘points’ for workouts is a great motivator! I look forward continuing this inquiry, and seeing how my graphs look with a month of data in them!