After a week off

Feeling extremely drained in spite of, or perhaps due to having a remarkably relaxing week off from work. Funny how that works. A holiday is meant to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. This time I only achieved relax.

To top it off, currently stuck in my head is a medley of We Can’t Stop and The Gummi Bears theme song (highly recommend the latter).

The past few months have been crushing. A new baby, a new job. We haven’t slept well in weeks. The simplest tasks are now arduous chores.

This new episode begins with trials.

I’ve been trying to persuade myself not to rush through them. But life has a way of demanding urgency. Or maybe that’s my imagination.

To stay positive, I remind myself that this is déjà vu. Four years ago, I started a new job with a new baby at home. In these past four years, I have learned and grown more than any other time in life.

The satisfaction of having persevered through hardship is a long way away. The best approach must be meditative. That implies calm. That calm can only come from within because everything without is chaos.

Instead of cramming more tasks into spare moments, I should try to stretch time. Feel peace. Prepare to take each next step.

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2 thoughts on “After a week off

  1. Glad you got some time away even if it wasn’t everything you might have hoped with.

    I’ve been thinking lately about the idea of going on holiday. It must be a fairly recent notion, I think. Need to research that.

    I love the idea of stretching time and feeling peace.

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