New Year preparations

Between Christmas and New Year’s is a time for reflection and cleaning in every sense. While scrubbing floors, sorting neglected stuff, and hopefully banishing the useless to the rubbish incinerator, I also enjoy some cognitive and emotional cleaning.

This year my theme is habits and routines. Having finished watching season nine of Supernatural late last night, it’s time to reestablish an early bedtime routine and put a new time management regimen in place.

If I don’t do something on December 31st, there’s no point making it a resolution on January 1st.

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Christmas 2015

Thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was the first time our older son completely understood the ‘presents’ concept and his enthusiasm was contagious. I did what I enjoy most on any holiday: Cooking. Two meals with copious snacking in between.

Pancake brunch featuring outstanding sausages along with fresh fruit and a comically small yet remarkably delicious roast beef provided by my mother in law.

Dinner was homemade lasagne that turned out rather wet but satisfying and sautéed pork chops that were surprisingly tasty for such a reasonable price.

KUSC Classical Christmas in the background all day long, a bottle of wine, and a six pack of beer helped keep the mood merry.

Yuka took Ren out to deliver chocolates to a friend’s family and two Skype appointments should help us feel connected to our loved ones across the ocean.

Merry Christmas, truly.

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December 22, 2015 at 06:43PM

Head cold won the first round today, but I slept a lot and obtained medicine from the doctor. See how I feel tomorrow.

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Under the weather

Successfully defended against it for over a week, but the sinus and respiratory infection my family has been sharing has finally taken hold. Nothing too serious but will need to lay low for a few days.

Will hopefully be ready for merriment on Christmas Day. Fortunately, my dad taught me that my mom’s cookies are the best medicine and I happen to have several doses right here on the kitchen counter.

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Winter break

Thoroughly enjoyed the first four months with a new class of fourth graders at a new school. But as I was sweeping up spilled popcorn after our holiday party, I knew I was due for a break.

Fortunately, I’ll be spending the next three weeks at home!

Already enjoying a more leisurely pace, conversations with Yuka, running errands and playing games with our older son, and cuddling and giggling with our baby.

Big plans to reestablish creative habits and routines. Keeping up with this journal daily is a part of that project. Will publish a post about my time management project soon!

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December 15, 2015 at 03:57PM

Check out the Flappy game I made! I wrote it myself with @codeorg #FlappyCode

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