Why blog, anyway?

#2016bestnine via Instagram
This blog is neglected. I started it two years ago as a way to gather creative ideas and reflect on personal experiences in opposition to my professional teaching blog, Symphony of Ideas. That hasn’t happened. At least not in as substantive a manner as I had hoped.
And I know what the problem is: Discipline. At the beginning of 2017, one of my resolutions for the new year was to publish a post here weekly. Didn’t happen. Then, Harvard Business Review was kind enough try to motivate me with Jennifer Porter’s article, Why You Should Make Time for Self-Reflection (Even If You Hate Doing It). Still didn’t happen.
Now, the summer vacation offers precious time. If I don’t start making a habit of writing now, it would take a miracle to build the habit after the next school year begins.
The ace up my sleeve is Connected Learning MOOC. They’re the ones who got me hooked on digital publishing and online sharing in the summer of 2013, and without any major life events scheduled, I plan to participate this summer less peripherally than in the past. You should too! Sign up for CLMOOC here.
Why blog? Who knows? Just write, share, and see where it leads.

4 thoughts on “Why blog, anyway?

  1. I wish FaceBook had

    ppp pp p mp mf f ff fff

    Instead of the Like/Dislike spectra (borrowed from the Gladiator’s appeal to the Sentencing Thumbs of the Bloodthirsty Romans)

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  2. One way to publish regularly is to get in touch with your inner curmudgeon is to do a daily, weekly, monthly newsletter. I use Nuzzel. I won’t do any self-promoting here, but it is a free platform that delivers a daily kick in the tail to get you writing. And on days you don’t wanna, then it will just scrape five articles out of your stream and publish anyway. I like to comment on the world and this allows me to do that. I has also been the source of other adjacent writings–memes, text images, blog posts, tweets, sound files, and more. Let me know if you wanna see what I do so as to decide whether you might wanna as well.

    Any way you do it, I will always be reading.

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