Writing is

writing is
agony and bliss
like love
but worse

via Ello

 Writing is poem printed on black and white photo of a single wall sconce 


Listen to birds

by Bartholomew L Miller CC BY NC SA

Through the din
of Tokyo traffic
Hear birds
from an anonymous tree

Faces of passers by
not hearing

Through the maelstrom
of my own thoughts
Listen to birds

Nothing is free

by Bartholomew L Miller CC BY NC SA

Nothing is free.
If you grew up in privilege like me,
somebody else is paying for it.

I don’t mean your parents.
I mean children digging metal
out of the ground
and mothers hauling water for hours
to wash babies who will someday
chip away at mine walls in search of
expensive rocks.

the cost is greater than the expense

We are selfish.
Everything about us is selfish
especially our delusions

Wake up.
Wake up!

Nothing is free.
especially love
If you’re not paying for it,
somebody else is.

via Ello