Flu day

I don’t have the flu, but there is a flu epidemic in Japan at the moment and my school leadership has decided to close the school on Monday in an attempt to prevent further infection. A very wise decision that I support on many levels.

We need to slow down. This culture of working through illness is partially to blame for illness in the first place! Sick people, stay home!

Fine, I’ll stay home for you. Not sad about it.

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February 14, 2016 at 09:08AM

‘#ValentinesDay is about love and #chocolate. We always have lots of love, and today we have lots of chocolate!’

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Preview of Spring

We thought we were heading out for a winter stroll this morning, but ended up stripping off our coats while Ren rode around the neighborhood park and Ray charmed anyone who happened to look in his direction.

Obviously a preview of what promises to be a fun outdoorsy end of winter.

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Artificial jet lag

Mind still reeling from #gafesummit, the education technology conference featuring Google Apps for Education. Felt jet lagged despite having stayed in one time zone so resolved to go to bed early last night and succeeded. Thanks to Yuka for that! So strange to feel simultaneously motivated and exhausted.

Brought my inspiration to school by introducing Quizizz, which had the students crawling over themselves to answer questions about evolution and natural selection.

Biggest takeaway, though, was that I completed my first formal conference presentation! I fumbled pretty badly with the dual screen presentation format and ended up not even using it, but attendees seemed as engaged as one could expect in the last session of a weekend education conference. I know I wasn’t the only one back in the classroom on Monday morning.

Looking forward to a weekend at home.

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GAFE Summit

Three years ago I attended my first Google Apps for Education Summit in Tokyo and it was a turning point in my teaching career.

Today and tomorrow, another metamorphosis occurs as I engage both as a participant and presenter at another GAFE Summit. This time in Kobe. (https://jp.gafesummit.com/2016/).

Never underestimate the power of inspiration.

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Being positive

Spoke with a colleague on the train this morning who was watching the TED talk, The happy secret to better work. In our conversation, it occurred to me that I’m usually inspired to write a journal post to vent negative feelings.

That’s definitely a reflection of something in my psychology which I can positively change. Here’s to being positive!

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Detroit Bears

Recurring dream that I’m watching the start of an American football game. The Bears enter the field by snaking their way through a crowd of people, spotlighted as they lip sync Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. In the dream, I wonder if the team from Chicago appreciates the irony of singing a song about Detroit.

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