Time warp

The past week was a boulder dropped on me at about 8:30 on Monday morning. Obviously too much to do, to which was added annoying little clerical tasks that rank highly in importance, urgency, distractiveness, and apparent pointlessness.

Weight: 99.3kg/219lbs

Avg daily mindfulness: 12min over 1 day

Avg daily sleep: 5h 39min

On the topic of building habits, my problem seems to be temporal.

Am I using reminders as a high tech form of procrastination? Could be. Always has been one of my strengths. Part of this habit building project is trying to decide whether to purchase a subscription for Productive. Using the free version, I currently have three goals:

1 Publish this blog once per week.

2 Write for business once per day.

3 Write for pleasure once per day.

Will see how it goes.

There are three more stats I’ll start including as well:

Heart rate min/max: 58/112bpm

Avg daily exercise: 15min over three days

Avg daily steps: 7328


Building habits

The end of the year is coming soon, and this blog is still stagnant.

Today is the first day back to work after the autumn break, which concluded a heartwarming two week visit by my mom and three days in Tokyo Disneyland with my two young children.

Plenty of butter via Instagram

All week, as I indulged in poor habits like staying up too late playing SimCity BuildIt, eating spontaneous hot dogs, and admiring Chip’s and Dale’s butter collection, I’ve been reflecting on the importance of habits. Lurking somewhere behind those reflections are my goals. Grand ideas with nebulous plans supported by little more than digital reminders in the cloud. I believe that the bridge between now and the future I want to create is made of habits.

Although they have been rather neglected recently, I do have some good personal habits on which to build.

Taking a page out of Bridget Jones’ Diary, I will use this blog to hold myself accountable to various habits which I want to cultivate by sharing basic statistics that I regularly track using the iOS Health App.

Weight: 99.8kg/220lbs

Avg daily mindfulness: 5min

Avg daily sleep: 5h 12min

As I get in the weekly habit, I’ll add more details and deeper reflection, but as I’m already a day behind, that’ll be all for this week.

Why blog, anyway?

#2016bestnine via Instagram
This blog is neglected. I started it two years ago as a way to gather creative ideas and reflect on personal experiences in opposition to my professional teaching blog, Symphony of Ideas. That hasn’t happened. At least not in as substantive a manner as I had hoped.
And I know what the problem is: Discipline. At the beginning of 2017, one of my resolutions for the new year was to publish a post here weekly. Didn’t happen. Then, Harvard Business Review was kind enough try to motivate me with Jennifer Porter’s article, Why You Should Make Time for Self-Reflection (Even If You Hate Doing It). Still didn’t happen.
Now, the summer vacation offers precious time. If I don’t start making a habit of writing now, it would take a miracle to build the habit after the next school year begins.
The ace up my sleeve is Connected Learning MOOC. They’re the ones who got me hooked on digital publishing and online sharing in the summer of 2013, and without any major life events scheduled, I plan to participate this summer less peripherally than in the past. You should too! Sign up for CLMOOC here.
Why blog? Who knows? Just write, share, and see where it leads.

June 27, 2016 at 08:29AM

Based on the responses I’ve seen, #Brexit is like trying a spontaneous divorce to cope with a midlife crisis.

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How to melt chocolate

Ren wanted to melt a small piece of chocolate, but I wouldn’t let him use the microwave. His solution? Chew it until it melts, then spit it into a bowl. Gross but impressive.

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March 08, 2016 at 05:28PM

Programming is about one person doing hours of needless work to save many people from doing hours of needless work.

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